mcwrapper v1.1.0 released

Note: this post was migrated from my old Tumblr-backed blog

I updated mcwrapper to fix some bugs since my last post. mcwrapper now creates the pipe properly and allows for more configuration options.

I also added a new script called mcbackup which will allow you to back up your Minecraft world data while the server is running without any service interruption. The backup script creates a directory called ‘backup’ in the Minecraft server directory and copies your world data and configuration files (whitelists, banned-ips,, etc) into a datestamped directory inside the backup directory. By default, it keeps the previous 5 backups, but that can be changed by editing the mcbackup script.

Now, you can easily back up your Minecraft world data from a cron without needing to write your own script.

Version 1.1.0 of mcwrapper is available for download:

See the README for details.