About Me

Hi! My name is Spike Grobstein and I need an outlet to write about stuff I care about. I’ve got some opinions, sometimes.

I’m a software engineer currently living in San Francisco, CA with my wife Eliz (Uh-Liz) and cat Ptera (short for Pterodactyl). I focus pretty much exclusively on developer tools (DevEX), but I’ve previously worked on Infrastrucure teams doin’ DevOps and/or developing web services and sites. Before that, I worked in the production/art departments of several companies in the screenprinting, fabric printing, offset printing industries. But I always leaned towards process optimization and automation, which got me where I am today.

Picture of me, outside

Retro gaming is awesome. Gameboy modding (or electronics modding in general) is the best. Game dev sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I fantasize about making games for the NES or GameBoy but haven’t had the energy to get past basic prototypes.

You can check out my portfolio and resume on my professional site: spike.grobste.in.

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