mcwrapper 1.4 released

Note: this post was migrated from my old Tumblr-backed blog

I just released version 1.4 of my mcwrapper application. This update improves usability, and adds a couple new features. Overall, it’s a minor release.

Changes include:

  • New log action. Will show server.log output in real-time.
  • Added new BACKUP_ON_EXIT config option. When enabled, this will create a backup whenever you stop the Minecraft server.
  • Added new scripts which can be double-clicked to start/stop the server and create backups. This makes it easier on commandline-impared users.

1.4 also includes an enhancement from 1.3.1 (a silent release) that fixes a bug where mcwrapper will slowly eat all the memory on your system as it reads commands from the FIFO. This was caused by using a recursive function when a simple loop would have been sufficient.

I’m aiming to get 1.5 released by the end of September which should include both launchd and ubuntu init scripts, backup restoration and other enhancements.

mcwrapper’s GitHub project page is located at the following address:

You can download 1.4 using the following links: